Malaysia Office

Chori Trading (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, incorporated in Malaysia 1989, is an established trading company specialized in Technical Textile products, Industrial Chemicals Products and Machineries & Electronic Equipments.

Chori Trading (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd is also a subsidiary of Chori Co. Ltd, a leading Japanese trading company in Japan, established since 1861, specialized in businesses of Textile Material, Textile Fabric, Apparel, Chemicals, Life Science and Machinery.

Characteristic of our Business Style

  • Wide-range of Products (especially Chemical raw materials)
    As a multinational trading company, we are ready to deliver wide-range of products from all over the world to meet all our valued customers' requirements.
  • Global / Overseas Network
    Make it possible to provide our customers with the most on-time services and suitable information from all over the world, especially from Japan and China (where we have our offices located in 10 cities of China).
  • Highly Experienced Staffs
    Together with our long time business relationship suppliers from globally (especially in Japan, and also our major supplier in China, Red Star Group, through a few joint ventures & affiliated companies), we are ready to provide our customers with the highest quality & variety of chemical/machinery products, and also the highest quality of customer services.